Sprout (V.1.0): Project Overview



Sprout was an e-learning web application designed to teach personal finance to middle school and high school students. This project was done as an applied computing capstone course for the University of Washington Bothell. Sprout was completed by a diverse student group consisting of business and applied computing students in an initial span of 11 weeks. The original project continued forward through Summer 2021 to Fall 2021 where it was picked up for a short time for Working for Wealth and then later Sprout Learning.


I was responsible for managing other technical-based students and developing the codebase of Sprout. I was also heavily involved in decision-making with the group's project manager and business team lead. Some UX/UI design and business choices were done with by me throughout the quarter to keep deliverables on track. Overall, I was responsible with over 90% of the development and 40% of the design.

Team Member List:

  • Victoria Cao - Project Manager
  • Anujin Batbaatar - Business Team Lead
  • Roewyn Umayam - Development Team Lead
  • Zhaolan Luo - UX/UI Design Lead
  • Leon Xu - Developer
  • Restine Hernandez - Market Researcher
  • Yufei Bao - Content Writer


Throughout the quarter, we called upon different sources to create a satisfactory end product. We asked teachers, students, and other start-ups for their input on our idea and how to improve it. These individuals allowed us to create Sprout and we greatly appreciate the effort they went into helping us.

  • Alan Leong - Business Professor @The University of Washington (Bothell and Seattle)
  • Mark Kochanski - Computer Science Professor @The University of Washington Bothell
  • Laurie Anderson - Computer Science Professor @The University of Washington Bothell
  • Je Salvador - Librarian @The University of Washington Bothell
  • Eric Blazevic - CTE Teacher, Department Head @Ballard High School
  • Corey Snyder - English Teacher
  • Aaron Lam - Software engineer
  • Mckayla Yang - Director of Finance & Accounting @Croftery
  • Gen Sakura - TA and Co-founder
  • Michael Palomo - Co-founder @Aloe Money


The initial quarter run was exciting to create a product from vision to prototype. It was highly rewarding and fast-paced with developing Sprout. The team was strong throughout the duration and the end result was decent for being new to web development at the start. I was very pleased with how this version evolved throughout Summer 2021 to incorporate better tooling such as Storybook and Next.js along with better practices such as component-driven development.