Just A Guy Who Codes

I graduated from the University of Washington Bothell Spring 2021 and fell in love with coding in my final year. I was a business student studying in MIS but I shifted my focus from project management to web development. I took programming classes before but never fell in love until I worked on websites for college projects and clients. From my past projects, I was so shocked to see what was possible to make with your wits, a keyboard, and Google. The possibilities was enough for me to make a full shift to the developer world.

I'm looking for opportunities as a full-time front-end developer or developer advocate at companies with meaningful products. I want to use my web development skills to better the lives of under represented communities and my fellow developers. I've built projects that emphasize community and I loved to help other developers out along their journey. If you want someone to speak for you developers or empower your community with web technologies, I'm always open to chat!

What I'm Up To

After spending the past 5 months expanding on my previous college financial literacy project with Working for Wealth and it's transformation to Sprout Learning, I have decided to keep the project independent in pursuit of an open source solution with collaborations with educational organizations. As that is being developed further, I will actively contributing to open source and assisting the developer community when I can.

Coding is not the only big passion that takes up my time. I'm an active Taekwondo Instructor and have been training since I was 8. I love to help my peers and students progress in their skills while also acting as a positive role model.

Outside of Taekwondo, I'm a huge nerd for all things comics, sci-fi, and fantasy. I spend my time either coding, teaching, or taking in whatever fresh nerdy content is out there!