Just A Guy Who Codes + More

I started off as a business student who slowly liked working on the code than telling developers what to do instead. I've really come to appreciate what you can build given Google, a keyboard, stubbornness for things to look good, and some creativity.

So far, I've enjoyed working more with web technologies leaning towards frontend development, design systems, and anything Jamstack-related.

I'm always looking for ways to share my knowledge with other developers and help them along their careers. If you want help along your developer journey, talk about design systems, or anything really, I'm always open to chat!

What I'm Up To V.2

I'm currently a Design Technologist at Enlyte, working on developing our Magnetic Design System. Along the way, I've worked on shaping the release strategy, documentation, dev tooling, and coded components. It's been one hell of an amazing ride so far and it's a unique developer role for sure!

I hope that in 2023 I can write more on my site and contribute to more open-source projects as I did before. I do miss those green squares on my GitHub profile πŸ˜‚!

Life Simplified:

  • Active Taekwondo Instructor and have been training since I was 8
  • Love traveling and sight-seeing with my beloved Shipei
  • Love spending time with my family
  • I'm a huge nerd for all things comics, sci-fi, and fantasy (Big on Robots!)

Life Events (2022 - Present):

  • Got hired as a Design Technologist at Enlyte!
  • I did a lot of tournament travels in 2022 and got myself a National Champion title for Poomsae
  • I have recently started to get back into Gunpla modeling
  • Spending weekly time with my grandparents

Enjoy some pics!