Our-Anime-Rec: Project Overview



Our-Anime-Rec (OAR) was a review and media listing site similar to MyAnimeList.net created as the final group project for a Database Systems course at the University of Washington Bothell. We had to create a schema design for all the entities associated with a review website including different user types, media types, reviews, and ratings. The schema design and planning user interactions with our database took 3-4 weeks while 2 weeks were spent creating the complete website in a time crunch.


As a group, we were equally involved with the creation of the database schema and the entire website. My focus was more on quickly creating a suitable design on Figma and applying it to our website. I created the frontend primarily with Christina and let my other group members handle the backend.

Team Member List:

  • Ryan Thanh Ho
  • Kaity Colbert
  • Christina Phanekham
  • Roewyn Umayam


The website was a very fun and engaging group project to learn about relational databases. Django was a challenge to use due to our short time frame but was rewarding once completed. Considering the time left in the quarter, I thought the end result was good and the group performance great.