Refactor Code with a Codemod

#Abstract Syntax Trees

Switch out imports and component props of a React Component without wasting time. Let a Codemod script handle it.

Codemod is the practice of parsing through code using ASTs and transforming code automagically. This gives developers some sweet superpowers to solve problems efficiently in each file. These scripts benefit developers, PMs, and their organizations:

  • Save countless hours that would've been spent on a manual refactor
  • Reduces human error when implementing refactors
  • Teams + organizations can make code changes confidently with Codemods
  • Organizations can automate the tedious and redirect developer effort to improve their products.

Helpful examples:

  • Change the import from a package
  • Remove a deprecated component prop
  • Add new property in every instance of a React Component

Below are a few examples of changing an import name, a component name, and adding a component property: